Goth Box ist eine putzt mir heute ist geschmacklos, ein Klischee von Cleopatra Records für neue Generationen.

Bauhaus - Boys; March Violets - Religious As Hell; Big Electric Cat - Twisting Man; Wake -  Control; Gitane Demone - Tongue Of Fire; Corpus Delicti - Noxious (The Demon's Game); Fahrenheit 451 - Flowers Melt Away; Shadow Dance - Temple; Die Form - Cantique 1; Executive Slacks - God On The Tongue (Godmix); Advent Sleep - Lookaway My Love; Aria - A Breed Of Spite;  Seraphim Shock - After Dark; Meridian - Masquerade (Possession Mix)

Play Dead - The Tenant; Alien Sex Fiend - Hurricane Fighter Plane; New Creatures - A Dark Place; Switchblade Symphony – Dissolve; Lycia - Everything Is Cold; Two Witches - The Angel Of Pain; Usherhouse - Monkey Strange; Rose Of Avalanche - Stick In The Woods; Bell Book & Candle – Below; Eva O - One In A Million; Wreckage - Devil's Little Helper (The Lucifer Mix); Brotherhood Of Pagans – Guilty; Apocalypse Theatre - The Diseased; Galaxy Chamber – Ascension; Lestat - ?

Damned - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde; Edera - Vague Inklings; Chameleons -  In Shreds; Prophetess - All I Want; Mephisto Walz - T-2000; Love Is Colder Than Death - The City In The Sea; Kore – Flower; Inkubus Sukkubus - Witch Hunt; Malaise - Walking Through The Wonderland; James Ray And The Performance -Mountain Voices (Remix); Ex-Voto - Ressurection Mary; Nosferatu -The Haunting (Main Mix); Deep Red - Holy You; Skeletal Family - So Sure; Beat Mistress - Tigerlilly

David J - The Enochian Angel Of The 7th Aethyr; Christian Death - The Angels (Assassin Mix); Aurora Sutra - The Legend Of Our Origin; Shroud - Caged Bird; Rosetta Stone - Six Before Dawn (96.6 Before Dawn); Death Ride 69 - State Of Decay; Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Across A Thousand Blades ('96); Children On Stun - Beginning Of The End (7" Version); Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Hand On Heart; Patricia Morrison – Reflection; Kill Sister Kill – Blessings; Sofia Run – Harmonies; Drumatic - Earth As In Heaven; Die Laughing – Nemesis; Last Dance - Do You Believe In Angels; Reverb Sleep - You Can't Help It

EXPENTANCY: Gothic/Electro Body Music/Death Rock

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