Exclusive For Ergô Felix Culpa

Beautiful, that's the word that I cut this disc. Sublime, the capsule global melancholy who claims to know what is beautiful. 

Accidentally Compiled was created in fall 2012; sadness, departure and hope that the triads were structured this superb compilation that traces a strange, ethereal and metaphorical root. Decadent.

There is also violence... 

The complexity of this compilation is compared with compilations of Eastern Europe, the Netherlands, however, Compiled Accidentally, there are lines of Spain, France, USA, Israeli, and German. 

Enjoy it. An exclusive Ergô Felix Culpa.

EXPENTANCY: Dark Wave, Post Punk, Minimal, Experimental

  • Antón Jodra - Fragmento 3
  • Trisomie 21 - The Last Song
  • Craft Spells - For The Ages
  • Abecedarians - They Said Tomorrow
  • Die Sturmschäden - Glasplatten
  • L'Éponge Synthétique - Collection D'Ombes Subtiles
  • Flue - Some-Times
  • Intensive Care Unit - ICU
  • Suicide - Be Bop Kid
  • Fjose - Nobody is Like You
  • Secession - Betrayal
  • Cultural Decay - End Of Corridor

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