Young Limbs And Numb Hymns

In the past there have been a series of albums of Black Rock, Dark Rock ... Gothic Rock. A review of our label: DarkWave, Gothic & Ethereal; presents a collection of Dark Rock lines up where Joy Division (a post interesting tribute can get it here), or a more contemporary Dark Wave (Death Joy-Under The Dark Trees); , and even more progressive and near to the Experimental Noise and dark style (you can get it here: REQUIEM). 

The disk array with dark sound extends farther away than the Gothic genre and its derivatives, comprising the Industrial and other products of the Underground School. One of the most recommended, and exclusive, is the Voice Of Toxi Moon (download here).

In spite of the extension of sounds that explode the grim, dark and introspective sense, one of the styles regularly associated with Rock Dark, almost law, is the Batcave. This style refers to the emerging wave of sound that drew on three aspects: Punk Rock, Glam Rock, and all the Wave. In turn, acquires the title-Batcave- product namesake nightclub prompted Gothic styles that dominated during the decade of the 80s. 

In this post I grant, a free download, disk, relatively classic, Batcave style, Young Limbs And Numb Hymns dating back to the 1983 (you can get from this link). This album, although it does not compete with the high with other dense collections of Sound-Dark as the Underground Belgian Wave (you can get here), it is a good portrait of the Batcave face, pure British style. Alien Sex Fiend, Specimen, SexBeat and fury of Jimmy Pursey are in this material is now well known in the world dark scene. 

EXPENTANCY: Batcave, Post Punk, Glam, New Wave.

Bands & Songs...
  • Specimen - Dead Man´s Autochop.
  • Sexbeat - Sexbeat.
  • Test Dept. - Shockwork.
  • Patti Palladin - The Nuns New Clothes. 
  • James T. Pursey - Eyes Shine K.
  • Meat Of Youth - Meat Of Youth.
  • Brillant - Coming...
  • Alien Sex Fiends - R.I.P.
  • The Venomettes - Dance Of Death.

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