Land in eastern europe arrives contemporary Gothic Rock band Deathcamp Project. Loops extractions heavy guitars and vocals cavernarias rough, the style of the well known rescues essences Rock Gothic eighties, and early 90s, as the Rosetta Stones and Fields of the Nephilim.

Deathcamp Project has 2 albums, 4 singles and 4 albums compounds hits and lost themes.

The band is not extraordinary, but keep in mind that I am not modern Gothic Rock lover, but if you feel attracted to the dark EBM, a little black paraphernalia and sensuality, this band will likely become one of your preferred.

EXPENTANCY: Gothic Rock/Electro Body Music/Dark Electro
FELLOW: Rosetta Stone/Sisters Of Mercy/Nosferatu/Fields Of The Nephilim

I selected two discs; Well-Known Pleasures recorded in 2008 and distributed by "Vision Music-Alchera Visions". A disk with a very modern sound, closer to Dark Electro and EBM Clubs. A dance album, excellent to fuck. 

For its part, "End" is his first album, a material distributed by the famous "Not On Label", an album stronger, tougher, more testosterone.

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