Specimen understood as part of the wave Batcave masterpiece. This genus is somewhat similar to American Deathrock, with the exception that the Batcave is nourished by Glam Rock, Punk Rock and a bit of psychedelia. In turn, the Batcave is essentially British, born in a Club -Rock who inherited his name, Batcave, the bands that appeared on it .

Specimen is already an old band Batcave, Specimen is a Old School Batcave of the Underground Rock, remained silent for several decades until in 2007 published his return with the album Electric Ballroom, an album ad hoc with the times... modernity.

The album of this post is the latest album by Specimen, published just in this 2013 in the middle of this return to the music of the eighties, a return that began in Russia largely thanks to the band Motorama, also Soviet Soviet.

Wake The Dead is essentially a record of Glam Rock mixed with the so-called alternative rock. From my view, is far from those beauties of the '80s (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Syria, Beauty Of Poison & the great Hex). However, it is a good album.

EXPENTANCY: Batcave/Gothic Rock/Glam Rock
FELLOW: Sex Gang Children & Alien Sex Fiend

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