The day 8/8-2015 Shit Noise Records published the eighth compilation of series named: Noise Punxxx. 

In the style of the underground, the album is an explosion of sound subversive where the Noise, Punk, Experimental and Environment plays a role. Shit Noise Records is one of the most famous from germany netlabels among netizens.

The bands that published in "Noise Punxxx 8" have different publications in the contemporary underground rock and bands are from different countries in regions such as Europe and Latin America. The bands? for example: Lee Other, Noise Research Institute, Dr. NoiseM, Mean Flow (by Theofil Tsiolakakis), Deicida 69, Model For Assembl... among others.

The album is interesting, subversive, rebellious, hard, underground.


EXPENTANCY: Noise, Punk, Experimental

  • Lee Other - Flesh For Petete
  • Mean Flow - Third Memorandum
  • Deicida 69 - 8:15, 1945
  • Dawn Tuesday - Phenomenon
  • Dr. NoiseM - Black Cat
  • GDMHZ80YRZO - Yeah...
  • See Through Buildings - The Slow
  • Noise Research Institute - Blood
  • Seiei Jack - DZXETU26
  • To-Bo -Ebola Mania 2k14
  • Model For Assembs - Unreal Engine 8
  • SRVTR - Flight #2
  • Zatan - Reflection (Agaist Breaking)
  • SSxhx... - Thanks For The Rain
  • Nygatoria - Noneexistence
  • Bukkake Tech - PLM
  • Paraplegic Erection - Youre No Fucking Good To Me
  • Hellectroholic Satanoise - The Violence Whispered By My...
  • Kopfschmerztablette - Autorennen
  • Infinity Of 6 - Gazza's Scorched Lips
  • Koobaatoo Asparagus - David I'm Talking To You
  • Nygatoria - Eternal
  • Meat Glue - Whoreuptairs31
  • Mince Splatters - Promotion Of Labor Pressure

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